No Voices in the Sky, The Night Runner, and What Telecom Providers Owe You

Congratulations go out to Mark Hoffe of St. John’s, first-ever winner of the Daryl Duke Prize, for his feature-length screenplay  No Voices in the Sky, reports The Telegram’s Tara Bradbury. The $25,000 cash award should

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Big Brother, Banff, and Budget (Micro)

(via Corusent.com) As Big Brother Canada continues on, more evictions happen. Recently, Mitch Moffit of Guelph has been evicted. After what seemed like a week of Mitch taking over the show and making alliances with

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“Ironic Rebrand” for VSC (AKA Unobstructed View), Described Video Live from the Ballgame

(Via Wireservice.ca) In a “slightly ironic rebrand”, Canada’s oldest independent distributor of film and television content, Video Services Corp. (VSC), has changed its name to Unobstructed View. Jonathan Gross, President and Fearless Leader of the

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