21 (Film Review)

The wonderful world of gambling. There’s always some very interesting things that happen within it. Or, at least I’m sure they do, I haven’t been to a casino since I got kicked out of one for cheating at Poker. The important matter is that it’s all in the cards. And one of the most greatest […]

Casino-Related Films

Top 3 Casino-Related Films of All Time Hailing from Ireland, I am no stranger to the world of gambling. While not an avid gambler myself, there are plenty of buildings dedicated to bookmakers spread throughout the country, where patrons can bet on anything from horses, to soccer, or even who is next to get the […]

Young Adult (Review)

Jason Reitman has a knack for approaching mature, socially relevant themes with his trademark flare for finding the comedy in it all. I had expressed as much in my review of his debut feature film, Thank You for Smoking, last week. While that film was a biting satire full of caricatures, his follow-up film, the […]