Videodrome (Review)

The works of David Cronenberg have always been a draw for me, flaws and all. Given his fondness for depicting grotesque body horror, which has made me squirm on more than one occasion, it would probably be fair to assume that I am just a glutton for punishment. The real reason, however, is that The […]

20th Century Women (Review)

Writer-director Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women is about a single mother and her rapidly growing son who live in a time when America’s growth felt physical, like you could touch it. In 1979, in California, the death of a decade and the birth of another converged to form a watershed moment in American culture. This […]


One of my favorite perks of writing for this magazine is the people I get to meet. Sometimes it’s at a coffee shop, sometimes we are drinking coffee over skype and sometimes we are merely voices over the phone. No-matter what or how, the gratitude is always very present, on both ends of the conversation. […]

Away From Her (Review)

Empathy is an essential aspect of life; one that allows us to relate to the emotions of others, even if their emotional state is something beyond that of our own experiences. Part of cinema’s magic, then, lies in its ability to grant greater insight into these experiences through its characters and the accompanying narrative. This […]