The Red Man Interview

A number of weeks ago I reviewed The Red Man, the debut feature film by writer and director Jimmie Gonzalez, a surrealist mystery film, depicting the apparent mental decline of a successful DJ who believes he is uncovering a conspiracy involving ritualistic practices. I fortunately had the chance to catch up with Canadian DJ and […]


Her Friend Adam (Review)

Her Friend Adam is a testament to the character-based premise. Robert (played by the film’s writer-director Ben Petrie) feels insecure about his girlfriend Liv’s (Grace Glowicki) best friend, Adam (Andrew Chown). His insecurities are so disabling and affective that not even the fact that Adam is gay prevents him from suspecting he and Liv hook […]


Sweeping Forward (Review)

Everyone finds themselves dealing with this problem, whether they know it or not, and this problem is anxiety of competition. It doesn’t just affect average folks, it affects most of us in the film industry too, especially me. And that’s what this movie focuses on, fear of competing against someone who may be better than […]

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12 Weeks (Review)

12 Weeks, a 2015 short film by Marc-André Girard, is a recognition of the extraordinary in the everyday—the drama that lies beneath the veneer of quotidian life. Where human presence is marked by personal gestures and subtle revelations, even the most ordinary of circumstances can prove to be richly suffused with meaning. Lilly, an expectant […]