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The Great Machine (Review)

The Great Machine, a 2015 short film by Luc Chamberland, is an enigmatic thought piece that enchants as an engaging morsel of mystery, embodying a multitude of interpretations of its possible meaning. Set in the small, fictitious town of Echo, Ontario, a place seemingly devoid of citizens, a machine housed in a “typical, post-war apartment […]


L’Hiver et la Violence (Review)

Six Snowboarders, One Hill, Many Obstacles and Dangers. This little documentary tells the slight story about these young teenagers and their winter wonderland adventures. More like deadly risky dares. Sophie Dupuis takes her camera crew to follow the adventures of John, Phil, Val, Coco, Sebass, and Laurence And the adventures are basically just stunts and youth […]


Moon Point (Review)

Fly me to the Moon… Point! No I really didn’t say that after watching this. Mainly because the uber cheesiness of this typical-style of Canadian indie feature was well, in need of a little more work The film is an interesting tale of the young 20-something year old named Darryl (Nick McKinlay) who is never […]