Bao: A Love Letter

Pixar’s latest release, The Incredibles 2, is accompanied by Bao, written and directed by Domee Shi, a Chinese-Canadian filmmaker from Toronto. In the tradition of Pixar’s most notable shorts, such as Geri’s Game and For the Birds, Bao contains no explicit dialogue, instead relying on Pixar’s knack for charmingly expressive animation and well-woven narrative to […]

The Unseen – Review

The concept of an invisible human walking amongst us has been a faithful plot device in science fiction dating all the way back to the Ring of Gyges story by Plato to the more contemporary “Invisible Man” series from Universal Pictures. Often a tool or curse utilized by superheroes and mad scientists, the concept is given […]

Canadian Content Containing Casinos

There’s lots of Casino/gambling films out there, but some of the best ones are in fact the ones with Canadian content. And I don’t mean your average Canadian stereotypes. I’m talking about Canadian actors, and Canadian production companies. Here’s some Canadian content that shows how much fun gambling is whether you do it at a […]

In The Valley of Elah (Review)

As a screenwriter and director, it can be difficult to gauge just what one should expect from a Paul Haggis feature. While the Ontarian Oscar winner is no doubt a talented force to be reckoned with, his storied career has also proven a precarious tendency for heavy-handedness, particularly in Crash, the very film which earned […]

Design Canada – Review

A maple leaf, a beaver nestled amongst a garland of leaves, and a standing figure morphing into an eyeball. These symbols and many more permeate our daily lives and consciousness as Canadians. Yet most of us have absolutely no idea the stories and deeper meanings behind these logos that adorn our flags, trains, planes and […]