Loretta Todd is on a roll

In my coverage for VIWIFF, I mentioned a while back that there needs to be more indigenous productions. Well, it looks like those are happening. Indigenous filmmaker Loretta Todd has been making intense progress lately with many of her productions. One production is a web series called Fierce Girls, which focuses on two indigenous who […]

Enemy (Review)

The shortest and sweetest reviews tend to be those written about films with little under the surface, but provide harmless entertainment leaving you smiling from ear-to-ear. Although my review of Denis Villeneuve’s 2013 release Enemy will be a relatively short one, there is certainly no lack of depth or higher meaning. Thus, in the name […]

Young People F*cking – Review

Even if you aren’t aware of the contents of Bill C-10, you may recall the controversy it attracted a decade ago. A clause within called for tax credits to be denied for films that contained content “contrary to the public policy”. Outcry was swift and vast with celebrities such as David Cronenberg, Sarah Polley and […]