Four Movies with Awesome Poker Scenes

It’s challenging to portray the tension, thrill, and adrenaline-rush of a real-life poker game on the silver screen, but some movies pull it off. Here is a look at four of the very best films that manage to capture the essence of poker in unforgettable scenes effectively.   Ocean’s Eleven   In an early scene […]

The Rise of Mackenzie Davis

With the highly anticipated Terminator: Dark Fate hitting theatres in just over two weeks, the studios involved have cranked advertising up to eleven to maximise the film’s media saturation, which should serve to bolster potential profits. It’s not like this practice is anything new, not by a longshot, but Joker did something similar, piggybacking off […]

Blue Eyed (Review)

Cinematic exercises in surrealism are never simple, whether it be in their execution or consumption. However, it’s the essence of this challenging nature that can make their thematic delivery more profoundly impactful than a work operating within the means of realism. David Lynch has based much of his career around such an ethos, while the […]

VIFF: Drinking With Michael Moore

One item you wouldn’t be able to find in this year’s printed program (like Laundromat and Ford v. Ferrari, it was a last-minute edition) was an anniversary screening of the landmark documentary Roger & Me. A still-relevant look at runaway crony capitalism and the devastating effect it can have on the working class, this last-minute […]