The Twisted Slipper (Review)

In a manner similar to Cinderella, this film tells the awkward yet humorous story of a barista appropriately named Cinder (Adam DiMarco). Unlike most of the male driven parody stories though, Cinder here is actually gay, even enjoying dressing up like a woman from time to time. But his stepmother does not approve of this […]

Oliver's Bowl

Exclusive – Oliver’s Bowl Part I

No matter how you slice it, if you’re making films, you are a filmmaker. If that film is three hours or three minutes, you made it for the purpose of telling a story, making a point, or for entertaining an audience for a time. I’ve never met a writer that tackles a feature as their […]


Reset (Review)

One of the many things that is most likely to happen in the future is the near replacement of humans by androids, and that’s what Jeremy Lutter’s film covers. The short film shows the lifestyle of an android named Sidney (Emily Tennant) who does household chores such as cooking and cleaning for her owner Marcus […]