The Dishwasher (Review)

The Dishwasher, a 2016 short film by Matt David Johnson, is an expression of a faceted love, one conveyed through food and contained in filial affection. A dishwasher, studying to be a chef, secretly uses his diner’s kitchen in the after-hours to hone his cooking ability, while the dishes that he prepares there form an […]


Léolo (Review)

For a short period after my first viewing of the 1992 film Léolo, the final feature from Montreal director Jean-Claude Lauzon, my impressions were left in what I can only describe as a temporary state of limbo. I was left uncertain of my discernment, having noticed a comingling of various tones and subject matter which, […]


Sorry, We’re Closed (Review)

Sorry, We’re Closed peeks inside a server’s long life. Charlotte’s been slinging the same greasy food and lukewarm coffee for what feels like decades in this anachronistic-themed restaurant, and this film is about her relationship with its typical patron – the sleazy man “just passing through”. His name is John, a name that might as […]


Exclusive – The Apology

The Apology is a documentary that follows the lives of three Asian grandmothers. They are survivors of sexual slavery from WWII, also known as Comfort Women. It is a term referring to women that were either lured or kidnapped during the war and forced into sexual slavery. The victims range in ages from 9-24 yrs […]