Big Brother, Banff, and Budget (Micro)

(via Corusent.com) As Big Brother Canada continues on, more evictions happen. Recently, Mitch Moffit of Guelph has been evicted. After what seemed like a week of Mitch taking over the show and making alliances with

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News Round II: Cardinal Cast, New Film Fest, Importing Crew

(Via CNW) Cardinal, the new CTV and Super Écran character-driven crime drama based on the award-winning novel Forty Words for Sorrow by Giles Blunt, has begun production. Six serialized one-hour episodes will be shot in

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News before the weekend

(via CNW) CTV has ordered the gripping Drama series Cardinal which focuses on a murder mystery in a six-part drama series, each episode an hour long. Originally developed by Aubrey Nealon in 2011, Cardinal was

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