News: Film Festivals and Final 6 Teams for Amazing Race Canada

  Announcements regarding Canadian film festivals. (via PRnewswire) The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival is coming soon and is going to be headlined by two expert climbers as well as all about mountain climbing

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Big Brother, Banff, and Budget (Micro)

(via Corusent.com) As Big Brother Canada continues on, more evictions happen. Recently, Mitch Moffit of Guelph has been evicted. After what seemed like a week of Mitch taking over the show and making alliances with

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Location Call, Greenwood Honoured, Online Shorts, Long Paddle

Do you have (or know about) an abandoned-looking house in the woods near Sudbury or North Bay? How about a cave or a cabin in the same kind of place? MFM reports a location scout

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