Big Brother, Banff, and Budget (Micro)

(via Corusent.com) As Big Brother Canada continues on, more evictions happen. Recently, Mitch Moffit of Guelph has been evicted. After what seemed like a week of Mitch taking over the show and making alliances with other houseguest groups, it was time for the return of Kelsey. When Kelsey revealed the news to another houseguest named Raul, he made the plan to get rid of Mitch and the plan actually worked.

The Best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival is coming to Newcastle, as reported by The Newcastle Herald. Every November in Banff, films involving mountain exploration, sports, and other interesting adventures in climbing are showcased for a whole week. Every single film takes place somewhere in a mountain with incredible cinematography and athletes who take on the craziest of challenges. The event will take place at Tower Cinemas and showcase a few hours of the films on May 12 at 7 pm.

Laura Cudworth of The Beacon Herald writes young director Aiden Shipley has returned to his home in Canada to work on his first feature. Teaming up with his friend Grayson Moore, the two first had to deal with financial struggles. The first step was to apply for the Telefilm Micro Budget program and get some funding from there. Remarkably,  they received a grant almost instantly, in a rare case. The film is called Cardinal, and tells the story of Valerie Walker (Sheila McCarthy) who has recently gotten out of prison after an eight-year sentence. Her crime was staged, but she still feels guilty. It’s almost karmic when her victim’s son comes after her, and he seems to be a mental case.

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