Movies to Spend Money On

The Boss A comedy featuring Melissa McCarthy as a character called simply The Boss. She is one of the biggest masters in the industry until she’s found doing insider training. This lands her in prison where she can spend a long time rebranding herself and emerging as someone new. But when she does, everyone remembers her crazy crimes and how she messed almost everyone’s life up. This won’t be easy for her at all. Sounds like a comedy that explains at the same time why being harsh on everyone isn’t always the best choice. Like most comedies, sounds like awfully written humour.

Hardcore Henry This tells the strange science fiction story of  a man/cyborg named Henry who has somehow been miraculously brought back to life by his wife through a science experiment. Five minutes after the reincarnation though, Henry’s wife gets kidnapped by evil genius Akan. Oh, and Henry not only has to deal with Akan’s henchmen and gadgets, everyone in the Russian city he’s randomly in wants him dead. Except for one potential ally. This plot sounds like the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. But the movie does sound like it’s full of excitement.

Demolition Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of Davis Mitchell, an investment banker in New York who just enjoys his successful life. When his wife gets killed in a car crash, he doesn’t even react. The only time he really does is when he can’t get a candy bar from the hospital’s vending machine and writes a letter to the company filing a complaint. His complaints get addressed by an employee of the vending machine company named Karen (Naomi Watts) who starts to form an interesting bond with him. Strange comedy drama that sounds a bit more interesting than most dramas mixed with comedy. Seems just about right to me.

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