Wapos Bay (Review)

Join me around the fire as I tell you an (almost) ancient tale of a land where moral values were commonly explained to kids.

Taking place in an aboriginal community somewhere in Northern Saskatchewan, Wapos Bay is a stop motion animation series featuring freaky talking toylike characters teaching edutainment values and being positive role models. Hijinks and adventures ensue as cousins T-Bear (Taylor Cook) and Talon (Eric Jackson) explore their town, play hockey, and get involved with other activities all while learning something important every day of the adventure. Joining them is Talon’s sister Raven (Raven Brass), their Grandparents Mushom (Gordon Tootoosis) and Kokhum (Andrea Menard), T-Bone’s single father Jacob (Lorne Cardinal), and many more family members and friends. From being judgemental over a girl’s skills at hockey to facing fear, the episodes cover lessons that kids should learn in order to improve their erm, self image.

IOW, this is a kids’ show, taking place in a chilly region and throwing in some First Nations culture along with lifestyle. Made with clay people, balsa wood houses, and Hotwheels cars. (Most Canadian kids’ shows tend to be pretty creepy when it’s stop motion or even puppets considering how freaky someone can make hollowed out faces look.) The values of this show are good, but there are times when the background is more audible and noticeable than the dialogue. Still, detail to the animation is flawless most of the time, and the stories were quite interesting.

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