Location Call, Greenwood Honoured, Online Shorts, Long Paddle

Do you have (or know about) an abandoned-looking house in the woods near Sudbury or North Bay? How about a cave or a cabin in the same kind of place? MFM reports a location scout is looking for all these for a production scheduled for next March. Details are here.

(Via Wireservice.ca) Bruce Greenwood is this year’s recipient of the Whistler Film Festival’s Career Achievement Award. A media release calls Greenwood “[o]ne of Canada’s hardest working and most accomplished character actors” and notes “Unlike many other Canadian actors who have gone south to Hollywood following career breakthroughs, Bruce has never forgotten his Canadian roots.” He first appeared on The Beachcombers and has played countless authority figures.

Check out three new short films at the National Screen Institute’s Online Short Film Fest, and submit your own if you can have it ready by December 11th . . . hmm, one of the films, Bloom, documents how “A determined film student sets out to achieve a childhood dream but doesn’t realize the sacrifices involved.” It’s all here.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival’s world tour will feature Paddle For the North, the story of six canoers on a two month, 1,500 kilometer journey through Yukon, the N.W.T. and Alaska, CBC reports. Although hauling film equipment in canoes wasn’t easy, paddler Gabriel Rivest says, “Some of the shots are just mind-blowing.”

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