Afroglobal Launches Channel (with Video)

(Via CNW) Afroglobal Television is broadcasting on Rogers Cable as of Tuesday (Channel 708), with the goal of bringing viewers “exceptional programming focused on Africa and the Diaspora”, according to a media release. The 24-hour global superchannel is based in Toronto.

Canada offers a diverse, multicultural landscape and there is great appetite for the kind of programs we offer on AFRO TV,” says Moses A. Mawa, CEO & Executive Producer.

To give you a sample of what’s on offer:

Dr. Jefferson Sackey hosts current affairs show Jefferson Sackey Reports, featuring change makers from across North America. To quote Sackey’s Facebook page, “Toronto is my city, Ghana is my country, but am at home in many places”, and he’s worked at CNN as well as Germany’s DW. He also serves as Silvertrust Media’s Vice President for Television Programming.

The Golden Button is a reality show following six fashion designers as they compete for a major prize under the eye of “King of Couture” Adebayo Jones, brought in from London (the one in England).

And for something a little less serious, there’s the comedy-drama XOXO from Ghana, focused on young city dweller Josh and the women in his life.

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