No Voices in the Sky, The Night Runner, and What Telecom Providers Owe You

Congratulations go out to Mark Hoffe of St. John’s, first-ever winner of the Daryl Duke Prize, for his feature-length screenplay¬† No Voices in the Sky, reports The Telegram’s Tara Bradbury. The $25,000 cash award should help get the project going. You can read more here. (The late Duke was an Emmy Award-winning director with many creative achievements on both sides of the border.) No Voices in the Sky is a metalhead coming-of-age story.

The Night Runner, by Saskatchewan filmmaker Sherona Sinclair, will screen at the SOHO International Film Festival, reports CBC News. This drama about an ordinary guy who tries to cope with insomnia by running the streets at night, then finds himself called to do more, was filmed in — and inspired by — the city of Regina.

(Via CNW) The CRTC wants to remind everyone that if you pay your telecom service provider for a month in advance, then cancel, the provider owes you a refund for the rest of the month. They say they want to make it easy for us to shop around without having to commit too soon — and if you do have an issue with a telecom service provider, you should check out the CCTS site.

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