Nobody Passes Perfectly (Review)

Already the title for this film sounds like the flimsy excuse they made for this production. Before we go any further, I understand that my reviews on Lesbian/Gay movies aren’t usually positive but that’s only because the movies are poorly done. I have nothing against LGBTQ. So you can rest easy.

The film has several different types of stories through it: There’s a Lesbian couple lying in a bed talking about how they feel where they truly fit in. One of them just so happens to be a transsexual actually. Already the dialogue is dreary and hard to understand. Thankfully there are subtitles as most of this is in German. The next shows a transgender man named Eric discussing their lifestyle with an associate in what appears to be a mobile restaurant. We also get to see another transsexual teenager hanging out at a bar with two friends who talk about the process. Then there are two trans flattening their breasts with duct tape and preparing themselves for a show in a club. So far the whole film is going from one place to another and doesn’t show very much plot, if any at all. To make matters more confusing, there are barely any credits so saying who’s who is difficult.

I do like the contrast between all the different locations, but other than that, there’s not much to hold up this whole movie. It does bring some perspective and shows what it’s like to be transgender, but I honestly think the TV series The Switch does a better job at delivering the message than this film. And I’m not just saying that because I was an extra in it.

As of today, I am officially taking two weeks to belt out something new called Twoviews, where I review two short films in a more concise manner.

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