Flick’s Chicks (Review)

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. No, really. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

The main character of this weird flick is a girl who is weirdly named Flick (Evelyn Gaynor). She’s taking part in a life drawing course sketching a naked woman on a couch, and all she can do is think about how beautiful the woman is. It was like watching pornography narrated by a confused woman.

Anyways, after that awkward class scene, Flick goes on multiple dates with conceited lying losers. Yeah, this scene got predictable. While dating a businessman who talks business, she gets complimented by a waitress named Alex (Lauren LoGuidice). Flick goes through frustrating issues such as her date cancelling at the last minute and talking to close friends about her rising lesbian feelings.

Then she decides the best thing to do is invite five different kinds of women to her Aunt Tessie’s house on a slumber party style trip so she can find the right woman for herself. Flick’s guests consist of Marissa, a  receptionist with an accent (Cara Castronuova), Chi Chi, a big bottomed girl who talks like a Hollywood diva (Jackeline Olivier), Snowphish, a dreadlocked hippie cocktail waitress ( Jodi Epstein), Monique, a black poet with minimal hair (JoJo Shaffer), and of course, Alex. Things can only get more strange from here. First there’s an argument among them all, but then things get evened out. Sort of.

It was a pain to watch this whole thing through. As if Evelyn Gaynor wasn’t an awkward enough actor, the timing throughout the whole thing was slow with dreary boring dialogue. The stereotypes were overdone, the camera was so unstable at times, and the whole plot was ridiculous. The actors needed some training as well. This was downright awful to watch. There’s hardly anything entertaining in this movie, I just can’t describe how bad this was.

(Photo: Hans Braxmeier)

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