From Eagle to Egypt, Plus Three Nines

Triple 9 When Russian mobsters blackmail officers into a heist, they have to pull it off with the most impossible method. This method is known as “Officer Down” also known as 999. But even that gets out of hand when a new officer messes up the whole attack, thus causing all kinds of trouble to arise with everyone. Seems like a pretty intense and interesting movie. However it sounds like this type of concept has been overdone at the point. Anyone into action based films should find this impressive for its dark moments and fast paced action.

Eddie the Eagle Taron Egerton takes on the role of Michael Edwards in this story that shows anything is possible. While nobody believed in Edwards as he followed his dream of being a courageous ski-jumper, he proved people wrong thanks to his own desire and ambition, with the help of his coach (Hugh Jackman). Getting the nickname Eddie, he also gains the respect of many after showing off his skills in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. This is a good movie for someone who doesn’t have complete faith in themselves as well as fans of Olympics and sports in general, but especially skiing.

Gods of Egypt When things are looking grim for mankind, it’s up to a man named Bek (Brenton Thwaites) to save the world and his true love by going on a journey to recruit some of the greatest Egyptian Gods. This means he must put one God named Horus in an alliance with Set, the God of darkness. It seems like the rest from there is a mess of action and visual effects. But if anyone is really into action, it should keep them interested enough to stay around and root for whatever mythological being they find more interesting.

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