Modeled (Review)

I find some of the strangest mini documentaries on the Internet sometimes. Today’s was no different. Written, directed, and almost everything else done by Don Bapst, who has decided to showcase his friend and fellow photographer G. Elliott Simpson, or Geoff. So what does Geoff photograph? Men in tight leather pants mixed with awkward costume pieces consisting of facial makeup, chains, silver studs, and assorted accessories. And everyone of these guys is painted black. I don’t mean blackface, I’m talking black black. Because basic skin colours are boring for Geoff. And these guys are gay as well. While people liked these pics, one person compared them to pornography.

Then Bapst tells a story about a boy who becomes a better man. How does that happen? Let’s say the boy is chubby and can’t play sports too well, therefore he’s not too popular. Or rather, he is popular among the big beefy kids because they use him as a punching bag. So he moves to the big city and grows up. He goes to the gym and meets men who can relate to him and made themselves bigger than their childhood bullies. He learns about fight club, or some activity centre where guys drive their fists into each other, and turn them into fists of love.

Okay, i don’t understand what that meant, and I didn’t understand this whole thing. Either way, the documentary felt too short and the footage was even more minimal. There just wasn’t enough story! It was shot on different types of cameras to make it even more abstract as well. Interesting how there’s also a full length documentary shot in a similar manner, but with a different subject. Where does all this weirdness come from?

Stay tuned for my review of Shot on Blood: Kozmikonic Electronica coming tomorrow.

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