La Ducha (Review)

This one was slightly strange. It was Foreign. But it was distributed by Busk Films instead of Traveling. Not often I come across something that isn’t from Traveling. It’s another lesbian film. But this time it’s not a full length with poorly written plot. It’s a short film with minimal plot. If it had more story, and was, oh I don’t know, an extra 10 minutes longer, it’d be a sad story about two women separating.

The two start off staring (naked) out a window and then talking about their plans. Elisa (Luz Croxatto) has gotten a job somewhere in Mexico. But her girlfriend Manuela (Manuela Oyarzun) won’t accompany her, despite keeping the relationship healthy for a good five years. What’s the reason? I guess it’s not important because nobody says why. Anyways, Elisa has a shower and the two eventually argue over Elisa taking the couple’s cat, much to Manuela’s disappointment. Manuela wants the cat for herself as she loves it more then Elisa by the looks of things.

This film was so short and concise I don’t have much to say about it. The synopsis makes it sound like a sad parting film but the main characters seem more concerned about who would be a better owner for the cat. Other than the lack of story, the continuous shot was rather stunning, showing that rare ability to get everything done in a single shot.

Of course, I have to wonder if the shower water was running all the time or if they just added it in post when the camera was focused away from the shower. Having to reset a shot and waste water at the same time would’ve been a bit much in my opinion. The ending does show they work something out with each other though and that’s a pretty powerful message without dialogue.

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