Sorry We’re So Good: OIAF, Barco Escape, and a PSA

(Via Wireservice.ca) The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) has announced its lineup, and Artistic Director Chris Robinson says, “We’ve got a record number of Canadian features and what really impresses me is how utterly diverse

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4DX at Cineplex, Visuals in Songs, and Canada in Memphis

(Via Marketwired) Cineplex is bringing 4DX, an immersive theatre technology, to Canada for the first time. “Amplifying the experience from watching a movie to almost being in it,” is how a media release describes 4DX.

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Makeup Artist Wanted, Photographer Unknown, Big Picture, Tokyo Cowgirl

There’s an urgent crew call for a  makeup artist (“Pretty make up only, on two actors”) in Sudbury tomorrow for the short film Fishing in the Moonlight. Details at MFM. (Via PRNewswire) More about The

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