Lily and the Snowman plus The Making of Lily and the Snowman (Review)

As mentioned earlier, Cineplex today released an animated short called Lily and the Snowman. This sweet little toon shows the friendship between a little girl and a creation she made out of snow and her own imagination. Since it’s a cartoon, anything is possible. The snowman comes to life, and is able to create mini movies for Lily using her backyard fence, his branch fingers, and the light from the kitchen window. Lily enjoys the experience so much she wants to find a way to preserve the snowman when spring starts coming. So she hides him in an old fridge in the garage. And then year after year, every winter, Lily enjoys the cinematic magic, storing away the snowman when necessary. But years pass, and soon, the snowman is often alone in the fridge. The garage gets more cluttered and Lily has grown up to be a successful businesswoman in a corporate office. But working late one night, after knocking over a couple things on her desk and noticing her snow globe, she recalls the memories, and maybe she can still have that connection she once had.

Now, there’s a few¬†things I could get pesky about, (what a working fridge was doing in a garage) but I should just skip over stuff like that because the animation is too adorable for nitpicking. It was really well thought out, the animation was seamless, the string music was very fitting, and the story was just too good. It didn’t have any dialogue, but the soundtrack really helped make the short more enjoyable.

The behind-the-scenes work really showed they put effort into this saying they wanted to remind people of the wonder their eyes had in their childhood. The crew really worked hard to create something that would make people bond with Lily, and show them something that they once felt themselves.

(Screen cap from Lily and the Snowman, copyright Cineplex)

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