Sea To Sky Cable Cam Gets Those Shots Part II

Matt Maddaloni was a sponsored rock climber in Squamish, BC when his friends asked for help to capture some never before seen white water kayaking shots. Matt agreed and when he was done, the kayaking society was all abuzz. Once word spread, Matt and his new camera systems were a hit.

Matt began to seek out more extreme sporting events. He found most new work in the live broadcasting enterprise. Much like a well-rooted tree, his business began to branch out into movies and documentary work. At one point Matt built a live load cable cam system that could carry two camera operators. Because of the heavy strains due to the physics of weight bearing over large spans, he now concentrates his efforts on remote cable cam systems. Matt has it down to an art form and through surmountable efforts, motors and research, Matt can now build, pack and move a lightweight cam cable system to any location necessary.

Some contracts require Matt and his crew to incorporate helicopters in his rigging. With his incredible attention for invention and improvisation, he is usually teaching the pilots long line technique when getting the rope strung safely and cost effectively.

Sea To Sky Cable Cam Systems works and sells packages all over the world. They also provide training with each system sold.

All employees are both riggers and camera operators. Rope is comparable to steel cable without the weight.

Read more about Matt, his business, and their work here.

(Image: Courtesy photo)

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