Makeup Artist Wanted, Photographer Unknown, Big Picture, Tokyo Cowgirl

Lisa LeBlanc

There’s an urgent crew call for a  makeup artist (“Pretty make up only, on two actors”) in Sudbury tomorrow for the short film Fishing in the Moonlight. Details at MFM.

(Via PRNewswire) More about The Unknown Photographer, the virtual reality work created by Loïc Suty from Turbulent and co-produced with the NFB,   which will be making its U.S. premiere at Sundance in the New Year: based on “hundreds of World War I photographs discovered in an abandoned barn in Morin Heights, north of Montreal,” it’s  “a surreal plunge into the fragmented memories of a First World War photographer.”

(Via Marketwired) Cineplex wants Canadians to “See the Big Picture” — meaning how important entertainment is to our lives. Its animated short film Lily and the Snowman launches today to make the point — you can see it here, along with a video on the making of the film.

(Via WireService.ca) “People would give us looks as a Japanese cowgirl was walking with three male foreigners,” says Didier Charette, director of Lisa LeBlanc’s video for her “ferociously upbeat track ‘Gold Diggin’ Hoedown’.” Where do you film a video for a Western number by an Acadian-Canadian singer-songwriter? Tokyo, where else? A media release calls it “the perfect fast-paced city for this fast-paced song” and the production was fast-paced too, done over 10 days. Have a look below.

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