Patricia Chica teaching acting method at Mexico Resort

acting classCanadian Director Patricia Chica (Serpent’s Lullaby, A Tricky Treat) will be teaching The Unlimited Actor Method to actors for four days (January 20th to 24th, 2016) in the town of Tepoztlán, Mexico where the vibe is incredible. Since Chica is well known for connecting with her actors, she has found a new way to show them how to transition into a character’s energy when acting. This new method was recently created by Expert Teacher Nancy Mayans of New York, who has mentored Chica in the past.

“During this retreat, students will discover new possibilities and gain creative confidence. They are able to elevate their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual potential in order to reach a more connected performance,” says Chica.

As students learn how to make their character energy stronger and expand commitments further, they will also have the ability to perform with many different techniques. The exercises included in the program will help with imagination, emotional depth, staying focused, and even making the comfort zone move . The Retreat fees will include four nights’ accommodation at the Buena Vibra Resort and Spa, vegan and gluten free food, daily meditation classes, a visit to the El Tepozteco temple (pictured), an all-around visit to the village with a  chance to check out all the businesses, transportation provided by the locals, and a soul cleansing ceremony run by a shaman on the last day at a Temazcal.

Prices  (excluding airfare) range from $1170 to $1740 depending on room size. A $150 discount is being offered before December 24th, 2015.

(Photo: Thelmadatter via WikiMedia Commons)

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