Sea To Sky Cable Cam Gets Those Shots Part I

Have you ever found yourself watching a movie where there was a scene involving great heights, impossible angles and overhead shots that were so mesmerizing it gave you pause for thought: How did they get those shots? After I met Matt Maddaloni of Sea To Sky Cable Cam, I had my answers.

Matt is the owner of the corporation and admits that the job was a happy accident. Years ago, Matt was a self confessed adrenaline junkie living as a sponsored rock climber in Squamish, BC. He’d also worked in Whistler building zip lines and aerial platforms. Friends of Matt were into white water kayaking and wanted to document the sport in a way never done before. Considering Matt’s experience with cable run systems and aerial platforms they approached him with an idea. He appreciated their love for the adrenaline injected sport and agreed to take up the challenge.

Matt used his experience in building aerial platforms to build slightly different platforms that would accommodate high end cameras. After the shots were captured and edited, the kayaking society was abuzz. Matt’s system had worked and he knew he could re-apply the systems for other sports — and by including his zip line work, he would incorporate cables and motors into his next systems. He was surprised how fast the systems were in high demand. Soon he was being requested for other sports and documentary work. You can see his systems at seatoskycam.com.

(To be continued tomorrow)

(Courtesy photo)

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