4DX at Cineplex, Visuals in Songs, and Canada in Memphis

(Via Marketwired) Cineplex is bringing 4DX, an immersive theatre technology, to Canada for the first time. “Amplifying the experience from watching a movie to almost being in it,” is how a media release describes 4DX. It does this through ” specially-designed motion chairs and environmental effects like wind, mist, bubbles, snow and scent working in perfect synchronicity with the action on the big screen.” Partnering with CJ 4DPLEX, the company will present this innovation for the first time at Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas and VIP in Toronto this summer.

Matthew de Zoete, aka Colour Film,  is a singer/songwriter rather than a filmmaker, but he hopes and strives to make his works “create a visual element in the listener’s mind”, writes FYI Music News’ Jason Schneider. Read the rest of the story on songs as “little films” here.

Canada is the country of hono(u)r in this year’s Memphis in May International Festival, reports John Beifuss of The Commercial Appeal.  Films featured are Monsieur Lazhar, The Forbidden Room, Stories We Tell, and Videodrome. Why all the attention in such a distant city? “Canada is Memphis’ largest trade partner,” explains the Festival site. Earlier this month an official delegation from Memphis visited Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver.

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