Exclusive – Christopher Clark is RootChord Sound Part I

exclusiveI have to admit, talking to people in the industry that embrace their job is what I hope for every time I sit down to a new interview.

Meeting Christopher Clark, owner of RootChord Sound Studio, was a pleasure that exceeded my hopes.

Starting at the beginning of Christopher’s career, he had been in a few bands and was always drawn to the recording side of music. He enrolled into Pacific Audio Visual for sound design and a sound engineering diploma.

Once finished school, he switched his interest from making music to working on film sound design.

Christopher later got his feet wet working for post studios before setting up his own studio at home. That was approximately six years ago.

When recording at home Christopher uses a Rhode shotgun mic to capture most sounds. When recording outside his home, he uses an H4N audio recorder. After the sound is captured, it’s transferred onto Pro Tools HD, then later mixed with the musical score.

On a project, Christopher is the supervising sound editor, mixer and sound designer. At times, it becomes necessary to delegate some of the work out to speed up production. This could entail finding a dialogue editor, someone for location sound/ambience and help on foley.

Some projects require having to use a larger studio with different walking surfaces: Concrete, sand, dirt and wood. (For snow, Christopher fills a box with corn starch.)

(To be continued)

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