Stepchild Needs Help, Sasso Loves Canada,DGC Nominates

Stepchild, filming in Sudbury, needs a hair and makeup assistant for next week and yes, they’re paying. See the details at CION’s Music and Film in Motion.

Maybe they could also use Will Sasso? He tells The Vancouver Province’s Dana Gee that when he’s asked about doing something in Canada, “I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’m already 50, 75 per cent there.”

The 2015 Director’s Guild of Canada Awards nominees have been announced and a full list is available here. They include Relative Happiness for Best Feature Film and Preggoland for Best Direction-Feature Film.
The “lesser-known gems” among Canada’s film festivals, 10 of them, are spotlighted by Nikki Bayley in The Gate.
Testament of Youth, the centrepiece of the opening night gala at the Niagara Integrated Film Festival, opens in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal today, and Alicia Vikander, star of the World War I story, is on a roll: The National Post’s Chris Knight reports she’s in “seven films opening in North America this year.” Check back for our recommendations on other movies opening this weekend.
It’s Not My Fault (And I Don’t Care Anyway), a feature film directed by Edmonton playwright Chris Craddock based on his play Public Speaking, is in production in the director’s hometown, and The Edmonton Journal’s Brett Wittmeier talks to actor Quinton Aaron.


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