LAFF, TIFF, Canada Cool in NYC, and a Student Contest

Mexico is in the spotlight at the 13th annual Vancouver Latin American Film Festival, The Vancouver Province’s Stuart Derdeyn reports. The country’s film output is back at the level of its “golden age” in the

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Stepchild Needs Help, Sasso Loves Canada,DGC Nominates

Stepchild, filming in Sudbury, needs a hair and makeup assistant for next week and yes, they’re paying. See the details at CION’s Music and Film in Motion. Maybe they could also use Will Sasso? He

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3 Canadian Clips You Need to Watch Today

Relative Happiness trailer. What it is: Glimpse of a  “little Canadian movie” that, according to Tara Thorne of The Coast “offers up something special: a woman we all know.” Why you need to watch it:

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