3 Canadian Clips You Need to Watch Today

Relative Happiness trailer. What it is: Glimpse of a  “little Canadian movie” that, according to Tara Thorne of The Coast “offers up something special: a woman we all know.” Why you need to watch it: As Tara Thorne also says, “For a low-budget indie Canadian film, Relative Happiness looks terrific.” (Read her whole review here.) Watch and see what filmmakers in Canada are really capable of.  Quote: “There must be a recipe for happiness.”

Trick or Treaty trailer. What it is: Look inside the most recent documentary from director Alanis Obomsawin, this one on the notorious Treaty 9. Why you need to watch it: As the Comox Valley Record reports (the film will screen Sunday as the conclusion of the Comox Valley Art Gallery/TIFF Winter Film Series): “It gradually becomes clear that the printed copy of the treaty is not the only valid version. Even more startling, the First Nations signatories themselves were not able to see the written treaty until decades after the signing, and then in a language they didn’t understand.” (Click here to read the entire article.) Quote: “That’s why we have to keep talking about the treaty.”

Coded pilot. What it is: First episode of what may become a full web series about a newly qualified teacher (and former group home resident) who takes on a five-student class of “coded” teens with severe emotional problems. Why you need to watch it: Well, apart from the fact that the school system still can’t do anything with students who feel they’re being warehoused . . . if you want to see more of this series, you can vote for it at Storyhive — click here — and help the creators get $50,000 for production (and more training from NSI). Our own staff will be giving our opinion later. Quote: “It’s not the class I’d usually give a first-year teacher.”

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