TO Screenwriting Conference Coming Up

The sixth annual  TSC is taking place on the weekend of April 11th through 12th  at Daniels Spectrum in downtown Toronto — thanks for the reminder, Alberta Film.

As always, the conference features “the best creative talent, authors and speakers in writing for film, TV and media in Canada and abroad.” Its official site also says “The TSC offers screen-based industry professionals an advanced level of education and skills development unparalleled by any other screenwriting event in the country.”

This year there’s a new opportunity for a chosen few: A new Writer’s Room Intensive program with Bruce Smith, executive producer and creator of BRAVO’s serialized police drama 19-2.   The six participants (already chosen, sorry) will join Smith on stage during the TSC to present their ideas for an episode of 19-2 that involves the full squad in a single police action while maintaining the show’s focus on the emotional lives of the police officers. All in one weekend — you see why they call it intensive.

A Master Class will be presented by David S. Goyer (Man of Steel,Batman Begins), to name just one of the speakers.On top of that, there are several new craft sessions on such topics as the business of showrunning, creating a successful series engine, and how and why a project gets from pitch to screen.

The conference strives to bring you the benefit of the experience of the best in the industry, so if you’re interested in screenwriting and have a chance to attend, or volunteer, click here to see how.

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