Movies to Watch Over the Weekend

Inside Out – Pixar is at it again, creating another animated original. In this movie, the emotions inside Riley, a little girl’s, head guide her through her new life as she has recently moved to San Francisco. Even though the leader, Joy, tries to keep things going right, it’s hard when the other emotions have conflicting personalities and ideas. For some of the movie, Joy and her close friend Misery get lost in a section of Riley’s mind called long-term memory and it’s up to the other emotions to keep things under control. Seems like an interesting movie for kids and adults alike.

I’ll See You in My Dreams – a comedy-drama that won Official Selection at Sundance Film Festival 2015. Starring Blythe Danner as Carol, a retired woman with a sad new struggle in life. After her beloved dog dies, Carol has trouble adjusting to life alone without her canine companion. I can imagine anyone would after so many years of such a bond. So with the help of her three lady friends, Carol starts to live life in a more interesting manner. She also meets Bill, a retired man with strong ambitions, reconnects with her daughter after many years, and makes friends with the guy who cleans out her pool. Judging by the funny dialogue in the trailer (Bill: What’s your name? Carol: “Yes?” Bill: “Your name’s Yes?” Carol: “Carol”) this could be an interesting movie to watch.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – Hard to find but hopefully worth the search. A comedy drama starring Thomas Mann as Greg, a high school senior blending in anonymously to avoid contact with most people. The only friend he truly has is Earl, who he makes classic movie parodies with for fun. However, Greg’s mom suggests that Greg should hang out with a girl in his class named Rachel who is dying of cancer. It’s then when Greg learns what friendship really means. The film isn’t playing in many theatres in Vancouver, but if one can find it, it seems worth checking out.

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