Films About Hurting, Walk of Fame, and Bits of VIFF

With Hurt, Alan Zweig’s doc on Steve Fonyo, set to play at VIFF on Wednesday, The Vancouver Province’s Glen Schaefer talks to the film’s subject at his “temporary home” in Metro Vancouver. Sadly, the movie title is fitting in many ways.

Love Hurts, OTOH,  is going to be a very different kind of film — ” about a death-wish gumshoe named Bruce Love”, reports The Toronto Star’s Linda Barnard. Carlo Schefter and Joe MacKinnon, indie filmmakers in TO, are planning it as second in their “Canadian grindhouse renovation” trilogy. It follows Hippypocalypse . . .

(Via CNW) The 2015 Canada’s Walk of Fame inductees will be announced from Toronto tomorrow, Tuesday, September 29 at 1pm ET, says Shaw Media. One thing we already know: Jason Priestley will once again host the Walk of Fame show this December.

Barbara Wallace, who plays Gertrude in Charlotte’s Song, was spotted at the VIFF screening of the film. And of course Nick is going to have tonnes more from VIFF, coming up soon. Evil mermaids, a used car that comes with a hostage in the trunk, and a comedy about an independent MP and his intern, plus of course Brooklyn.

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