The Recently Chosen

The Road Behind, just named a finalist in Telefilm’s Micro-Budget Production Program for 2016-2017, is directed by Kelton Stepanowich (the Alberta-based team also includes Derek Vermillion [writer)], Eric Janvier [producer]). When we talked to him

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Mayors Make Plea for Industry, Plus . . . Moose Jaws?

Cassandra Szklarski of The Canadian Press has written that Canadian films are all over the place in the Oscars this year. Nominations are looking strong for films like The Revenant, Room, Brooklyn, and even a

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Crew Call for Sudbury Commercial, Vote for Big Brother Guests, A Million for Brooklyn

A location scout is needed right away for a TV commercial in Sudbury, MFM says; when production starts in March, a local fixer/producer’s assistant will also be needed. Details are here. (Via PRNewswire) In a

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