The Recently Chosen

The Road Behind, just named a finalist in Telefilm’s Micro-Budget Production Program for 2016-2017, is directed by Kelton Stepanowich (the Alberta-based team also includes Derek Vermillion [writer)], Eric Janvier [producer]). When we talked to him about his earlier film, Gods Acre,  he said, “I think I’ll know we have made a great film when people start coming up with their own ideas on what it means.”

Talent, another micro-budget finalist, is written and directed by Lucas Frison, produced by Élise Beaudry-Ferland, and was crowdfunded. Watch Frison on CTV here.

Six producers from across Canada have been selected to participate in the Whistler Film Festival’s Feature Project Lab, They include Jessica Adams, with her modern romantic drama My Heart is in My Head, written by Amy Jo Johnson, director of The Space Between which is featured at the Shanghai International Film Festival. She’s also a Corus Diverse TV Director student at NSI. Another selectee, Jon Ornoy, will be developing the dramedy Comedienne. Written by James Pickering, it’s the story of young Charlotte, an aspiring standup comic who battles a terrible day job, family feuds, and a heckler — who turns into a friend.

The Film Circuit People’s Choice Awards go to Brooklyn (Best Canadian Film) and The Imitation Game (Best International Film), TIFF has announced. Film circuit screenings take place in 158 communities across Canada. Read our review of Brooklyn (“There are just so many amazing things in this movie”) here and thoughts on The Imitation Game (“The film has a very good story with perfectly worked effects, and British actors are truly some of the best actors ever”) here.

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