Micro-Budget, Proud to Be, and New Rules for Local News

(Via CNW) The 18 finalist teams have been named for Telefilm’s  Micro-Budget Production Program for 2016-2017. They represent every region of the country and include web content (a new category this year) like Lovely Witches Club and Why Good People Do Bad Things. (The full list is here.) Promos for each winning project should be posted on Telefilm’s YouTube channel shortly. Also new this year, 77% of the program will be financed by the private sector Talent Fund. 

(Via PRNewswire) If you’re in TO tomorrow, you may have a chance to appear in an interactive video project titled Proud to Be. With its first shoot, this Canadian Race Relations Foundation work begins its exploration of “what it means to live in Canada in 2016.” It all happens between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the 2016 Diversity Expo at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel on 123 Queen St. W.

(Via PRNewswire)   We’ve seen how the union representing TVA staff in the Trois-Rivières region feared for the future of local news jobs, and the company responded that it had no plans to cut them. Now the CRTC has announced “New minimum thresholds for local news will be imposed on all local private television broadcasters” and it’s backing this up with funding.

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