Canadian Romance Movies

Romance movies from Canada are certainly pretty common, somewhat more common than sports movies, one would think. There are fantasy types of romances, comedies, dramas, all kinds of romance films. Probably as a way to show how there are so many different relationships. But not all relationships have the straightforward cheesiness like in the movies. Some relationships wilt away like any flower. But others manage to last long with just the right treatment of your partner. Sometimes a nice gift will work wonders for them like products on this website. But let’s also take a look at some of the most unique Canadian Romance films and see what makes them interesting.

Mambo Italiano – A romantic comedy-drama by Emile Gaudreault. Italian Angelo Barberini is the son of immigrant parents but somehow he ends up in Canada instead of the United States. He’s also revealed to be gay. One of the reasons this is a good film is because unlike a fair amount of Romantic comedies it isn’t straight, it has two men. Something that needs to happen more. Another thing that makes it stand out is how it’s much better made. When it comes to Romantic comedies, Canadian produced are sadly of the lower quality at times.

Possible Worlds – Somehow in the name of science-fiction, we have two people living alternate lives in alternate worlds in a relationship with each other. When it comes to sci-fi anything is possible. But then things get complex when the man George gets involved in a big issue where he becomes the victim of a homicide in one of his alternate lives. Some police investigators get involved, and things start to get out of hand. This is one of the few Canadian romantic fantasy and the only sci-fi one, though that could be wrong, given content that stems from Crazy 8’s and Vancouver in general. Either way, it is kind of an interesting watch.

Brooklyn – A romantic drama film about a young lady moving from Ireland, where she can find work in the United States. She meets a handsome Italian fellow and it seems her life is okay, but then other things happen making her feel uncomfortable and homesick. Then she is struck with a tough decision. There’s lots of drama films, but Brooklyn sticks out as a personal favourite among many people as it was one of the best films of VIFF 2015. Plus, unlike most films, it’s a girl-meets-boy story, not a boy-meets-girl story. There’s never enough of those kinds.

While there’s certainly lots of romance films of different types, it’s important to know that not all of them are accurate depictions of relationships. Here’s a couple more reviews of Romance films on our site that you might want to check out.

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