Emmy (Nominees), Maudie (the Movie), Shirley (Cheechoo), and Reality (Virtual)

Here’s a list of Emmy nominees via The National Post . . . though David Berry, at the same paper, seems pretty fed up with the whole idea of award shows, and the neglect of Empire particularly . . .

Maudie, the upcoming feature film which we’ve told you was auditioning dogs, will star a Hawke and a Hawkins — Ethan Hawke and Sally Hawkins.¬†Global News’ John R. Kennedy has more on the ongoing making of this film about¬†Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis.

Shirley Cheechoo, new chancellor of Brock University, is an award-winning filmmaker and “executive director of the Weengushk Film Institute, a non-profit artist-focused, film and television-training centre she founded”, Rob Houle writes in The St Catharines Standard. She started out as an actress and still has an agent, but says there aren’t many roles for 63-year-old First Nations women.

“The Samsung Gear Innovator Edition will be available in Canada,” today, Claire Brownell of The Financial Post reports, with a little on what its virtual reality user experience is really like. She also writes on the potential uses, including “a whole new way to make films where the viewer participates in the story.”

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