Maudie – Review

I have the sneaking suspicion that Sally Hawkins has been quietly establishing herself as one of the finest actresses in the film industry today, if these past few years have been any indication. While she

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Emmy (Nominees), Maudie (the Movie), Shirley (Cheechoo), and Reality (Virtual)

Here’s a list of Emmy nominees via The National Post . . . though David Berry, at the same paper, seems pretty fed up with the whole idea of award shows, and the neglect of

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The Tribe Spotlights the Deaf, Maudie Auditions Dogs, ACC Plans Better View for Disabled

Right, film is a visual medium — but for decades it’s been audible too. What happens when the story is told visually because the characters can’t use sound? The Tribe, by Ukrainian writer-director Myroslav Slaboshpitsky,

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