Comweb’s Courteous Contribution and Biju Pappachan’s Point of View on POV – Interview

Toronto, a city in the province of Ontario, in Canada, a country of diversity. But how come diversity isn’t widely recognized in film? Have you ever noticed how Hallmark’s Christmas movie posters ALL look the

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The Tribe Spotlights the Deaf, Maudie Auditions Dogs, ACC Plans Better View for Disabled

Right, film is a visual medium — but for decades it’s been audible too. What happens when the story is told visually because the characters can’t use sound? The Tribe, by Ukrainian writer-director Myroslav Slaboshpitsky,

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CraveTV Goes Off-Cable, Disabled Want Sightlines,The Space Between,Moving with Moblees

Not to be left behind by shomi, Crave TV is taking to the Internet for those who don’t want cable. More on that later. “The sight lines at the Air Canada Centre for people in wheelchairs

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