CraveTV Goes Off-Cable, Disabled Want Sightlines,The Space Between,Moving with Moblees

Not to be left behind by shomi, Crave TV is taking to the Internet for those who don’t want cable. More on that later.

“The sight lines at the Air Canada Centre for people in wheelchairs are non existent,” says Toronto film industry exec Paul Bronfman ( Chairman and CEO of the Comweb Group, William F. White International Inc. and Chairman of Pinewood Toronto Studios). People in front of them stand up, and they miss most of the show — so Bronfman’s going public with it. Global News’ Adam Miller (with files from Mark Carcasole) has the story.

A student hangout in downtown Guelph, Ontario, is turning into a film location for Amy Jo Johnson’s feature film The Space Between.  Read about it in The Guelph Mercury.

The Moblees Super Summer Movin’ Tour will visit cities across Canada to get kids and their parents moving. Stops will feature characters from the Kids’ CBC new live-action interactive musical adventure series for young children. There’s also a free app that lets you make videos (“Appisodes”) of your kids appearing with the show’s characters.  Broadcaster has the details.

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