Writing From Inspiration

Many times I have wondered where inspiration for good writing comes from.  In researching this, I’ve come to find out that the answer is quite simple.

Inspiration can come from a fascinating person, good or bad. It can derive from a captivating news story, an interesting conversation, memories, holidays and even the death of a friend or family member that has had a significant impact on your life.

Wherever that inspiration comes from and when, it needs to be utilized.  As a writer, these are your tools of the trade. Without inspiration, you can find yourself sitting in front of the computer, typewriter or notebook observing how dust forms.

A writer already has creativity, the mind however still needs to be stimulated.

I’ve met and spoke to many writers at events and festivals. Some have told me they write four hours a day, others are more dedicated to 10 or 16 hours. This leads me to conclude that there are no rules when it comes to inspiration. The volume is different for everyone.

Personally, I enjoy inspiration and am always seeking it out. I can find it at a playground, a farmers market, bird watching from my patio or  a walk though Stanley Park.

Lew Hunter refers to the obsession to write, the flame within, as “the burn”.  Successful writers write about what excites them and trust their instincts.  Second guessing yourself can be counter productive. Be true to yourself and write what you like. It’s entertainment.

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