Movies This Weekend: Marvel and Monogamy

Ant-Man – Another Marvel movie about some hero. A new type of suit that can shrink someone to the size of an ant. But Dr. Hank Pym needs to find the right person to wear this suit. He picks Scott Lang, a former thief who must learn to use his amazing new powers for good. The suit gives Scott super strength as well as shrinking him to a rather small size. He also must protect his alter ego Ant-Man from many large threats. And I’m not just talking about exterminators or people who will  step on him without noticing. I’m talking about another guy with a similar suit, although it’s a bit more powerful. This is a perfect movie for anyone looking for adventure and intense explosion effects while two minuscule warriors fight on a toy train track. It’s also something for the Marvel nerds to watch and discuss.

Trainwreck – Huh boy. I feel like I’ve met several of these in the past. Amy has believed all her life that there’s no such thing as monogamy, due to her father’s divorce years ago when she was a child. Amy is currently working as a magazine writer living a boring life of no romance. But then her latest article subject has her falling in love with him. Aaron Connors, a sports doctor — and rather successful and handsome — also seems to like her. Amy starts to wonder if this is how adults really live. After their first date, which goes extremely well, she almost starts shutting him out of her life, but he wants to see more of her. Seems like a good comedy for adults.

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