12 New Films Get Telefilm Funding

Telefilm Canada is supporting 12 new English-language film projects through its Canada Feature Film Fund, it announced yesterday. More than $8 million has been invested. Featuring several coming-of-age stories, the 12 films are:

  1. Hunting Pignut (Martine Blue) — What’s Pignut? Who, actually — a friend of 15-year-old Bernice’s late father. And he’s made off with Dad’s ashes. Bernice sets out from her home in Black Gut, Newfoundland, to find the ashes and more.
  2. Maudie (Aisling Walsh) — See here for our earlier coverage of this biopic on Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis, and here for the story of the casting call for her dog.
  3. nineteenseventysomething (Bruce McDonald) — 1976, the U.S. Bicentennial, to be exact, but in Nova Scotia, all 15-year-old Kit can think about is running away to join his mother.
  4. Goon: Last of the Enforcers (Jay Baruchel) — We reported on this right at the beginning. An insurance agent reclaims his hockey glory.
  5. Mean Dreams (Nathan Morlando) — Looks like they found their cast.  Two teens hit the road with a bag of cash taken from one boy’s crooked cop father.
  6. Milton’s Secret (Barnet Bain) — A boy, his grandfather, and learning to live in the present.
  7. Operation Insanity (Érik Canuel) — Another boy, another grandfather — this time, with a missing girl and a band of war veterans.  Read some background on this here.
  8. The Other Half (Joey Klein) — He’s grieving, she’s bipolar; can they build a life together?
  9. Juliana and the Medicine Fish (Jeremy Torrie) — Another coming-of-age story, as a 12-year-old wonders whether to save the family business by trapping a legendary fish, or leave it in peace for the greater good.
  10. Loneliness of a Sewer Trucker (Hakan Sahin) — The “offbeat story” of a man’s entire life spent in an isolated oilfield community.
  11. Lovesick (Tyson Caron) — Dash still loves Lauren, but she’s engaged to Mark, whom she hardly knows, and then Nora enters the picture . . .
  12. Entanglement (Jason James) — Ben searches for meaning, falls in love with Hanna, who could’ve been his adopted sister, and realizes everything is more interconnected than it seems.

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