Black Friday News

Tug of War to be screened tonight at University of Windsor, says CBC. The independent film focuses on the lives of two young Muslims who become extremists. The film focuses on factors that lead to this — besides brainwashing and fanaticism, there is also the alienation that can grow up when someone feels unaccepted in society.

Peter Nowak of The Toronto Star has done an article explaining how Metal heads now have their own global streaming service. Toronto-based Banger Films is launching their very own online broadcast showing films and documentaries from their company. They will also be releasing series such as Lock Horns, which dwells on metal sub-genres, and Metal Evolution: The Albums, which tells the stories on the most popular genre releases.

Also writing for The Toronto Star is Trish Crawford, who has announced the Score for The Good Dinosaur was written by Mychael and Jeff Danna. The two Canadian brothers made a lot of big melodies while working on the music for this film to make it appeal to kids. A lot of string instruments and metal and wooden percussion was used in the movie. More about their experience here.

 The cast of Black Christmas talks to Examiner.com’s Ryan Young about the challenges of being in an anti-Christmas film. Out of all the anti-Christmas films out there, Black Christmas is probably the most well-known. Released in 1974, the film takes a turn for the shocking, setting up a horror film with Christmas decorations. Ryan Young had the opportunity to talk with some of the main cast members and learn about what it was like to be in a scary festive film. Having recently been released for DVD, it certainly seems worth watching.

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