Why the Canadian passion for sports and online betting go hand in hand

There is undeniably something exceptional about the drama and excitement of sports. Often more intense than anything we can conjure up in the movies, sports are competitive and often produce surprising outcomes. Nothing captures the imagination more than a good underdog story, which is inevitably why such tales have become such popular themes for movies, when a team or participant overcomes all the odds to achieve success.

For that reason alone, it is hardly surprising that sports form the basis of great stories on the silver screen, especially in Canada, where people are both fascinated and enamoured by sporting activities. Whether they are part of the action unfolding or watching from the sidelines, there is absolutely no doubt that Canadians are passionate about their sports.

The most popular sports in Canada

Fiercely proud of the rich sporting history and culture this country boasts, ice hockey and lacrosse are now recognised as the official sports of Canada. Indeed, the popularity of both in modern sports is largely thanks to their Canadian roots. As the summer sport, lacrosse, can trace its roots back to Native American communities, then became hugely popular throughout the English-speaking world.

Meanwhile, ice hockey evolved from a variety of stick and ball games, brought to North America by the first European settlers. These were adapted to suit the harsh winter conditions of Canada, played on frozen lakes or ponds. Competitive teams and leagues were eventually formed, prompting the establishment of the Stanley Cup as its oldest competition in 1893, then the professional National Hockey League (NHL) in 1917.

While ice hockey undoubtedly remains the most popular game for Canadians, it now jostles for positions with numerous other major sports. While the NFL is the biggest American football competition in the United States, north of the border there is the CFL, which is the Canadian football variant of the same game played with slightly different rules. The championships of both competitions attract huge TV audiences respectively.

The prominence of basketball as a global sport is all thanks to a Canadian, with James Naismith credited with inventing the game back in the late 1800’s, albeit while teaching in the United States. As the most popular basketball competition in the world, the NBA enjoys a big following in Canada, especially in urban areas. In 2019, the Toronto Raptors became the first Canadian team to win the NBA, prompting jubilant celebrations in Ontario city.

Legality & safety of sports betting in Canada

Because sport has become such a big part of daily life in Canada, it will come as no surprise that millions of people also enjoy wagering on sporting competitions. Nevertheless, while many countries have outlined clear laws and regulations governing sports betting, it remains a legal grey area in Canada. There are currently no formal laws to allow sports betting, although there are no laws criminalizing the activity, either.

As the first organisation to license and regulate online gambling in Canada, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in 1999, when the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake recognised the opportunities and needs of the gaming industry. Now the digital age has taken hold, they are the primary source of rules and regulations, governing online casino gaming and sports betting throughout Canada, not to mention one of the oldest regulators in the world.

Despite there being a lack of clear legislation, no Canadian has ever been penalized for participating in online gambling or gaming. Furthermore, only professional gamblers must pay income tax on their gambling winnings, providing they have declared themselves as such. Unless you make a living from gambling in Canada, hobbyists and occasional bettors are not required to pay any income tax on winnings.

Furthermore, there is a huge array of online sports betting sites to choose from in Canada, which means that doing some research is always worthwhile. Betting on sports is both safe and secure, although it always makes good sense to read plenty of authoritative and unbiased site reviews. Aside from appealing elements like sports covered and promotions available, reputable sites will focus on platform reliability and offering excellent customer service.

Variety of entertaining betting sites

It goes without saying that due to the popularity of sports in Canada, people here thoroughly enjoy wagering on the outcomes of competitions and events. These days there are hundreds of betting sites to choose from, which means that Canadians are spoilt for choice. Some specialize in certain sports, while others focus on greater convenience with mobile betting options. All have their own unique appeal based on what people are looking for.

The key to having fun betting on sports is always doing so responsibly. Look for sites which offer features that suit your own wagering preferences, including deposit and withdrawal methods, along with the sports you tend to follow avidly. Always remember to set yourself realistic betting limits and most of all, make sure to keep it fun and entertaining. Are you also a fan of American Football; then go check out the latest NFL Odds.

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