Tech News: Filmora, Wisper, and Free Pro Sound Effects — Plus Losique

(Via PRNewswire) Wondershare has launched the MAC version of Filmora video editor today. Current Wondershare Video Editor Mac subscribers can upgrade to Filmora for MAC for free here — it’s the company’s way of thanking them. Filmora lets anyone “produce professional looking videos with little effort.”

(Via PRWeb) On the other hand, if you like your video unedited and in real time, Wisper is an app for you. It lets you share what’s happening to you right now — and within 25 seconds of opening, the video, image, or whatever will disappear from your phone and your friend’s. Wisper is currently available free for iOS, and an Android version is due out this month.

(Via PRWeb) Pro Sound Effects is offering a free semester of Online Library Access for 50 schools with Media Arts or Audio Programs who apply by September 15th. This means unlimited online access to 50,000 sounds from any computer through the Pro Sound Effects Online Library for non-commercial use in student films. Your school can apply here.

And finally, as we go into the weekend, something not technical at all: The Montreal Gazette’s T’Cha Dunlevy talks to Serge Losique, “the fiery face of the FFM.” Read why he says the Festival des films du monde isn’t going away, despite staff turnover and rival festivals.


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