American Ultra, Fort Tilden, Hitman: Agent 47, Sinister 2

Such a selection this week…

American Ultra Starring Jesse Eisenberg as a stoner and Kristen Stewart as his girlfriend, life is very bland until a government operation comes to take him out. Ultimately, it’s now up to the two of them to fight back. Seems like an interesting action movie with a fair amount of comedy too. The trailers are interesting, let’s hope they didn’t fib too much.

Fort Tilden Taking place at Fort Tilden of course, this movie is about two teen girls, Allie and Harper, who have plans for amazing new futures. Allie plans to join the Peace Corps while Harper gets cheques from her father to advance her career as an artist. However, responsibility is quickly ditched when they go on a date to Fort Tilden with two studs. Somehow it seems like they don’t know exactly where they’re going even —  though they are headed to Fort Tilden. One incident after another and they’re stranded in Brooklyn. This one seems like a very interesting comedy worth watching.

Hitman: Agent 47 Rupert Friend stars as someone who’s nobody’s friend, Agent 47. An unbeatable expert assassin with the highest skills, built after decades of research and 46 clone failures. Now after years of doing what he does best, he must face an even bigger force than usual, a corporation that will reveal his history, and an army of killers two or three times better than him. One young woman played by Hannah War holds the key to this corporation’s defeat, so 47 gets together with her and the duo advances to face off against the extreme assassins and 47’s strongest enemy yet. Another great action movie for those who like intense action.

Sinister 2 A deputy is out investigating a murder which takes him to a farmhouse. The family consists of an abusive man named Clint, his wife Courtney Collins (no, not this one) and their twin sons, Dylan and Zach. Little does anyone (but the twins) know about the dark secret inside this old farmhouse, some very old home movies with ghost kids living within them. Perfect horror movie for people who like a good scare.

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