Ninth Floor, In Love With The Stars, Éléphant ClassiQ

Ninth Floor, directed by Mina Shum and produced by the NFB, playing at TIFF next month, is the true story of a student protest with destructive results. Windsor Square’s Robert K. Stephen tells how Caribbean and other students, protesting racism, occupied and destroyed Sir George Williams University’s computer centre (on the ninth floor).

Speaking of TIFF, a media release says its Film Reference Library re-opens on September 8th, and starting then, the CIBC Canadian Film Gallery will present a free exhibition, In Love With The Stars. Using archival material from the Library, the exhibition looks at “celebrity obsession and the creativity it inspires.”

And speaking of archival film, Broadcaster reports on Éléphant ClassiQ: films that made cinematic history, which celebrates “the splendours of restored cinema” in Montreal starting November 19th. This year’s event, the first, will focus on French-language films. Screenings will be  held at three different venues.

Later today: Thoughts on film stock vs. digital, and the technical reasons why “film may still have that edge”, plus a firsthand report on last night’s East Van Short Film Showcase. This event presents “locally-produced short films in traditional big screen format”, and this year it saw Alice in Wonderland go to Burning Man . . .

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