Getting Underway: SIFA, Patient 62, ABMO Films, and Extras Wrangling

Remember all those extra St. Nickel was calling for? Well, now they need someone to manage them. See the job posting for an extras wrangler at MFM. The Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards (SIFA) are accepting

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Saskatchewan Green Party Wants Patient 62 Released

(Via WireService.ca) The voting for the Top 15 in this year’s CineCoup opens in six days, and the Saskatchewan Green Party wants to see Patient 62 win the $1 million prize — and get produced

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Film Contest News (Mostly) in Canada

It’s a quiet Easter Monday here in Canada, on the news side anyway, but here’s what we’ve found for you today: We’re happy to see that Nick Wangersky’s favourite Storyhive contestant, Straight to Video: The

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