Film Contest News (Mostly) in Canada

It’s a quiet Easter Monday here in Canada, on the news side anyway, but here’s what we’ve found for you today:

We’re happy to see that Nick Wangersky’s favourite Storyhive contestant, Straight to Video: The B-Movie Odyssey, is also one of the judges’ favourites, and the production team has won $50,000 to make it into a full series. Another web series pilot he liked, Coded, the story of a special needs class and its teacher, is also a winner. To see all the winners for BC and Alberta, visit the Storyhive site. 

(BTW, pay no attention to the bylines that say The Editor is writing everything — it’s a glitch we’re working on.)

Canadian independent filmmakers do a better job of reflecting the real world, in all its diversity, than the powers-that-be who decide which films actually get released, says Kevin Longfield, writing for CBC. (He’s “a playwright and theatre historian who occasionally shows up in the background of films shot in Winnipeg.”)

Factory Factory Entertainment of Regina has made the only Saskatchewan entry in the next round of CineCoup, Global reports. Patient 62 “is about a guy who’s sister goes missing, she happens to be an exotic dancer”, according to writer/producer Rick Anthony. After that, it gets into a human trafficking and genetic experimentation ring, with the brother accidentally picking up powers of telekinesis.

Speaking of CineCoup, voting on its Top 60 opens today, in fact shortly after this publishes.  Head on over there to help choose this year’s Wolfcop, whatever it may be.

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