Top 10 Best Film Schools in Canada to Study Right Now

There is no doubt that education is the right path for one to attain formal knowledge, both theoretical and practical, when they have to make a career in something they are passionate about. You should be able to choose a path where you won’t have to think “can I pay someone to write my research paper?” For those who have a knack for arts and wish to get into film-making, enrolling in a film school is the right path to set on.

If you are in Canada at the moment and wish to look into top film schools spread across the country, you have landed on the right article. From writing screenplays to teaching you how to sell yourself to the market once you have graduated, these schools teach you everything and anything there is to know about excelling in film-making career.



In Film studies, you will understand the varied aspects involved in this field. From knowing about the different genres of films, to producing functions, scriptwriting, cinematography and camera operation, programs taught at the Canadian universities touch base on a lot of subjects. After all, Canada is home to the many top universities in the world. 

Now, let’s look into the top 10 best film schools in Canada so you can make an informed decision about your future. 

  1. Vancouver Film School 

Vancouver Film School is one of the top film institutes in Canada. This school goes back to 1987 and currently offers a number of courses under its umbrella. The courses include game design, interactive game design, sound, makeup, programming, screenwriting, TV production, film production, animation and acting. All these courses are paired with practical elements such as green screen rooms, equipped laboratories and screening rooms so that students get a hands-on learning experience. 

  1. Cinema Studies Institute at the University of Toronto 

Since we are talking about top schools, we should not miss the top-notch Cinema Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. The school was built in 1827 and offers numerous specialized courses for students interested in pursuing a career in film studies. These include bachelor program in sociocultural theory and instruction, aesthetic technological and film studies. 

  1. University of British Columbia: Department of Theatre and Film

Built in 1908, University of British Columbia enjoys the status of being the top-50 public universities present in world, while being in the top-2 universities in Canada. You will theatre and film degrees offered at undergraduate and graduate levels at this university.

In the midst of undergrad and grad school, you may feel a bit too overwhelmed by the nature and burden of work. The thought of ‘who can write my thesis for me?’ may probably cross your mind. Let’s just say, this is something you can worry about later and not now. 

  1. The Toronto Film School

When talking about film schools in Canada, it is impossible to leave out Toronto Film School. The varied courses offered at this school include writing for TV and film, interactive media, graphic designing, film production and acting. 



  1. Capilano University School of Motion Picture Arts

So far, we have established that one needs formal education when it comes to applying for any field of film making. If you are looking into making a career as a screenwriter, you should consider the Capilano University School of Motion Picture Arts. The programs offered include not only screenwriting, but also Motion Picture Arts, Visual Development, 2D Animation, Digital Visual Effects and Digital Filmmaking.

  1. Simon Fraser University

Built in 1965, Simon Fraser University focuses on offering real-life aspects and learning to the students. The courses offered by the university focus on developing the understanding of the students through actual production processes. 

  1. InFocus Film School

A great local film school in Vancouver, InFocus provides an experience like no other with interesting staff and even more interesting courses including Film Production3D AnimationVisual EffectsScreenwritingDocumentaryHoudini FX and Graphic Design. They have received praise locally including Vancouver’s Top 5 Film School (#2) in 2019 and BC’s Best 3D Animation School’s (#2) in 2021.

  1. Fanshawe College 

Fanshaw College is another film school in Canada which was built in 1967. This institute offers different programs, in conventional and online learning methods in courses such as film, digital media and TV. Renowned professional of the industry visit the college frequently to give guest lectures. 

  1. Queen’s University 

Founded in 1841, the Queen’s University is said to be one of the well-reputed universities in Canada where international students often enroll to get high quality education in film-making programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Graduates from Queen’s University are accepted in the market as well.



  1. Ryerson’s School of Image Arts

Last but not the least, Ryerson’s School of Image Arts offers undergraduate and graduate programs in TV studios and film studies. Students enrolled in these programs are offered one of the best courses Canadian film schools have to offer. 

So, there you have it. The top 10 finest film schools in Canada are waiting to see your application!


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