5 Things Millennials Are Looking for in a Screenwriter Profession

Screenwriters draw inspiration from their surroundings to create captivating stories. They have excellent research and observational skills, and are generally incredibly creative. Since they’re able to use their observational skills to come up with an original script, it’s recommended that you carefully choose who you want to hire as a screenwriter.

In case your goal is to attract younger audiences, you should seek the help of a young writer. Let’s say you wanted to make a college movie. Who better to present to you what college life looks like now than a millennial. Certain college students who’re studying film are probably already writing on campus. Before you decide to hire a screenwriter millennial, it’s important to understand what they want from this profession.

Creative Freedom

Screenwriters are creative people and one of the main reasons why the write is because they feel the need to express what’s going on in their head. Millennials feel an even greater need to have creative freedom and might not want to work on a script if you give too much input.

You should also refrain from telling millennial screenwriters how they should change parts of their script. If you don’t like a certain part of the script, simply ask the writer how they would change it. It’s important to allow the screenwriters to use their own creativity to alter the work.

Millennials grew up alongside the internet, which helped them develop outstanding research skills. This allowed them to have more confidence in their craft and demand more freedom when working. Some of the dissertation writers at Dissertation Today note that since the rise of the internet, students’ writing skills have improved dramatically. The professional writers at this UK dissertation service believe that millennials have the right to demand creative freedom because their skills at a very high level as soon as they graduate.


Many millennials feel like it’s on them to change the world. This comes as no surprise considering the advantages they’ve seen older generations get. Nowadays, most students have to work at least a part-time job while at college to minimize their student debt. Even if they play all of their cards right, there’s a good chance that the average millennial will have a lot of debt by the time they finish college.

That’s one of the main reasons why millennials seek purpose in their careers. Gone are the days when you could comfortably save for a house, car, constantly have money for new clothes, and go on at least two vacations per year. Millennials know that regardless of the industry they’re in, they likely won’t be able to earn a lot of money. Of course, this goes for screenwriters as well.

If you can’t make good money, the only way to stay motivated to do your job is to find a sense of purpose. To keep screenwriters motivated, it’s essential to provide them with meaningful projects. If they feel like the writing the do is going to have an impact on the world, they’ll be inspired to do quality work.

Skill Development

Let’s say that you know a screenwriter has a knack for writing drama films with incredible social commentary. He has had this gift for a long time. In school, every essay he wrote was considered to be the essay writer service in the school and he always knew how to provide social commentary that would really make you think.

Unless that screenwriter feels like it’s his own personal mission to do this with every screenplay he writer, you should give him some space to grow. If you were to represent him as an agent, you should ask him what he wants to do. There is only so much time a person can spend in a specific mindset. Maybe he would like it more if he worked on building skills to write comedy films.

Skill development is something that drives millennials and is incredibly important in every industry. Without the option to boost their skills, millennials are quick to find another job or client.


You can’t rush greatness, and you certainly can’t expect a screenwriter to finish a job if you give them little time. One of the main things millennials are looking for in a screenwriter profession is the freedom to work on their own time. As long as they meet the final deadline, they should be able to work on their own schedules and follow their pace, no matter how strange it is.

The Ability to Prioritize Their Family

Aspiring screenwriters know that the profession they’re getting into is different from most other professions. The won’t have to spend time in an office (apart from when they’re in meetings) and likely won’t have to collaborate with other people. But since their profession is different, they also want to have special benefits.

The main benefit millennials want in a screenwriter profession is the ability to prioritize their family. Nowadays, couples prefer if they can both stay at home for a few months after their child is born so they can both take care of it. Some also have to care for their aging or ill family members. Millennial screenwriters prefer to have soft deadlines or the ability to take time off in-between projects so that they can focus on caring for their family.

Final Thoughts

Millennials are a generation that don’t hold monetary values to such a high standard. A lot of millennials aren’t in a good financial situation and have to learn how to deal with debt early on. Above all, millennials seek purpose and creative freedom in a screenwriter profession. And that’s something that you’ll have to provide them.

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