5 Places to Find A Screenwriting Inspiration on Campus

Working in the industry of film making is a real challenge. To create a good movie, you need to collaborate with your team and also put in a lot of effort and resources. This might seem especially difficult when you are still a student who is looking for inspiration.

Screenwriters might have the most challenging mission from the entire movie crew, as they need to create an amazing and catchy story. To be successful, this story needs to appeal to the public. It needs to send a feeling and to arouse the audience’s emotions. It has to be powerful and to stand out, and succeeding to create the best screenwriting can turn out to be a long journey.

And this journey begins with finding your inspiration. We know that this first step might be tough, especially for students that live on campus and might have a hard time finding an inspiring place they can write in. Besides, it needs to be an enlightening place, where you can unleash your creativity and inspiration and let it pour on paper.

According to Tom Ekman, screenwriter, and editor at a custom essay service, there are some places on campus where student screenwriters can find their inspiration and create an awesome screenplay. If you are looking for this kind of place, remember to check these tips.

  1. The Library

It might seem obvious, but not all students go to the library to find their inspiration. They think that the library is crowded and they cannot get emotional there, so most of them avoid it. But libraries are the best place to go.

Screenwriting needs to be powerful, and to create it you need to first find that inspiration and flow inside you. Many screenwriters have started their careers while in college, so you should not be kept away by your lack of experience. Constantly comparing yourself with others can be damaging for your self-esteem. Instead, trust that you can find your flow in the library of your uni.

They are some areas full of history and information, and where you can look for television, radio, video game or media scripts. There are a lot of books on the history of movies and screenwriting, a lot of biographies of actors, producers, or screenwriters. 

Whenever you need a reference, a book is there waiting for you. The library is the place where you can find the inspiration you need at the beginning of a beautiful career in the screenwriting industry, says Martha Gasman, media screenwriter, and collaborator of custom essay help.

  1. The Park

Most campuses are huge, so there surely is a park or a small green corner. Nature can evoke inspiration, so you should find a park or a naturalistic area on your campus. Studies conducted with creative professionals showed that their relationship with nature is tight. Spending time in nature has positive benefits on your body and mind, and it is like a chain reaction.

You get to spend time in the park, on a bench, or just laying down. This time you spend here will be like a stress-reliever, helping you to relax, be calmer and more attentive. And these are the exact feelings that foster creativity and inspiration. 

Nature helps you direct your attention towards your task, thus finding inspiration and new and fresh ideas will come easy. Spending time in nature has positive effects on your mental state and it can help you get that start you need as a student that wants to pursue a career in screenwriting.

  1. The Coffee Shop

If you do not need complete silence to get inspired and find new ideas, then the coffee shop is one of the places on campus that can help you find your creativity. Constantly staying in the same places every day might bring a halt in your creative process of screenwriting, so you might be needed to change the pace a little bit.

Even though coffee shops are usually more dynamic and alert places, the ideas that can come to you in this place are incredibly amazing and different. Many screenwriters began to write in a coffee shop, so it might be the place you are looking for, say writing experts from an essay writing service.

  1. Your Room

And whenever you need silence, besides the library, you can go to your room. The environment and feelings you have there can be the start you need to create an awesome screenplay. It is important to note here how your room looks can have a big impact on your creative process.

For example, plants that create naturalistic green corners in your room are known to reduce stress and enhance productivity and creativity. Which is exactly what you need.

  1. The Study Room

The study room is that room on campus that has the power to arouse the motivation in you. Usually, study rooms are big enough for all students, so you will surely find a place you like. The best thing about these rooms is that everyone is studying. Other students are preparing for exams, while others write their essays and assignments. And you can go there to find your inspiration and get new ideas.

The atmosphere here is very cozy and comfortable, the light is usually dim and you see everyone studying. It is just the boost you need to get creative and to stay motivated to write a screenplay.


Finding inspiration on campus is essential for students that want to pursue a screenwriter career. You should not back off because you think you do not have experience or you are unable to create a good story. The place where you are trying to write has a big effect on your mood, so finding some that enhance your creativity and productivity should be your priority. 

Try the library, the uni park, the study rooms, or the coffee shop. Each place has a unique atmosphere that can get your mind working and creating something awesome. And if you ever need a familiar setting, you can always retreat to your room.

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